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Ограничения Paradox

Ограничения Paradox

Table and Index Files

127Tables open per system   
64   Record locks on one table (16Bit) per session   
255   Record locks on one table (32Bit) per session   
255   Records in transactions on a table (32 Bit)   
512   Open physical files (DB, PX, MB, X??, Y??, VAL, TV)   
300   Users in one PDOXUSRS.NET file   
255   Number of fields per table   
255   Size of character fields   
2   Billion records in a table   
2   Billion bytes in .DB (Table) file   
10800   Bytes per record for indexed tables   
32750   Bytes per record for non-indexed tables   
127   Number of secondary indexes per table   
16   Number of fields in an index   
255   Concurrent users per table   
256   Megabytes of data per BLOB field   
100   Passwords per session   
15   Password length   
63   Passwords per table   
159   Fields with validity checks (32 Bit)   
63   Fields with validity checks (16 Bit)   

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